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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tools and Utilities for Sanchaya Post.

Signature Scan (for Sanchay Post)

Signature Scanner is a simple signature scanning tool which scans the signature by webcam. It has both B/W and Grayscale mode scanning. The size of B/W image is 5 kb and grayscale is 20 kb. Select B/W option for scanning Signatures and grayscale for scanning LTM’s. It can scan signatures/LTM’s directly to database or to a file. In future I will add the feature of getting the not scanned accounts information automatically.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 06/09/2010 Size : 18kb Download 

Consolidated Savings Bank statement tool

This is the tool for generation of statements. It generates the consolidated New accounts opened, Deposits and withdrawals etc., of selected offices for given period. Export option exports the data to csv format file which can opened by Excel.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 15/04/2011 Size : 17kb Download

Database Backup (for SQL SERVER)

This is a simple Database Backup tool. It displays all the databases. Only we have to select the databases and folder where the backup should generate.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 23/12/2010 Size : 35kb Download

Sanchay Post Data Extraction

Sanchay Post data extraction tool extracts the data from Sanchay Post in Sub Office / Head Office. Here we can get the date wise consolidation, transaction details by Agent/Bo/Counter wise also. In case of bulk acceptance it gets the actual transactions only for total. i.e., if bulk acceptance is done but not bulk posting then the transaction will not count. You have the option to generate for a period or for a day. Currently RD data extraction is working. In future I will add the MIS and SCS schemes to this tool. Try the new version and give feed back.
Version: 1.6 Updated : 06/03/2011 Size : 45kb Download 

SO Data Import tool for SBCO

SO/HO data import tool imports the data from files generated by Sanchay Post Data Extraction tool. In this tool we can verify the data. If the data is already imported to V2SBCO then the account no’s are highlighted in red color. While importing if any error/discrepancy found then the error log list is generated at the bottom list. We can save this log for further actions. Currently RD data is importing. In future I will add the MIS and SCS schemes to this tool. Try the new version and give feed back.
Version: 1.6 Updated : 06/03/2011 Size : 35kb Download

Silent Account Revival Tool – Sanchay Post

This is the tool for Revive the SB silent accounts for Sanchay Post. This tool revives the accounts not found/not opened in Sanchay Post. If account no found in Sanchay Post then it skips the posting for that account no. This tool needs the Excel file filled by the basic information like Account No, Name, DLT, Year of Silent etc (For Account creation and Interest calculation). Download the excel format is and fill the details without changing the sheet name. Sheet name should be Sheet1. Do not change the column headings also. For SOSB create the files separately by office names. The same files can be used to revive @ SBCO/SO. The columns of red colored headings are mandatory. Interest need not to calculate. The tool will automatically calculate the interest. For verification purpose detailed interest statement will generate at right side.
Version: 1.5 Updated : 23/03/2011 Size : 39kb Download

Silent Account Revival Tool – SBCO

This is just like silent account revival tool for Sanchay Post.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 23/12/2010 Size : 35kb  Download    Excel Format

Discrepancy Editor
This is the tool for edit/clear the discrepancies found in Sanchay Post. By this tool we can solve different kinds of discrepancies easily.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 20/09/2010 Size : 27kb Download 

RD Bulk Posting (for Sanchay Post)

This tool is useful for counter transaction. By using this tool we can post the Agent/Institution Accounts easily. To use this tool Agents should provide the soft copy of Schedule in prescribed format (MS Excel having the columns ACCNO, NAME, DEP, RPW, DF REBATE). The tool will take Verification process on Duplicate accounts, Wrong Account Numbers, Denomination Difference, DF Difference, Rebate Difference, From Month, To Month, Balance and Totals. If any discrepancy found then it highlights in red color and generates log list. After clearing this discrepancy only it lets to post.
Version: 1.0 Updated : 08/09/2010 Size : 77kb Download   Excel format